My name is Rebecca Nazzer.

I’m a follower of Jesus.

I’m mom to three beautiful children.

I’m a business woman.

I’m a bible teacher.

I’m a trained theologian.

I have a Masters of Theological Studies from Gateway Seminary.

I have been a missionary in India.

And I am a betrayed spouse.

And I am in the process of getting divorced.

And I am married to Jesus.

This blog is about getting real.

It’s about where Christianity meets the real world.

Where faith collides with comfort.



Spiritual Abuse

Emotional Abuse

The silencing of women’s voices and gifts –  in the church and in marriages.

These are all things I will write about on this blog.

Though I write about many gender-related issues, this is not a man bashing site.

As I explain in my first post, it’s not about men vs. women, it’s about light vs. darkness, freedom vs. bondage. We’re in this together, brothers and sisters. When one part of the body hurts, the whole body suffers. When one part heals, we are all stronger.

I also write about tough issues that need to be addressed in the church, but this is not a church bashing site.

I love Jesus and I love His Bride. I want to see Jesus glorified. I want to see his Bride healthy and shining.

I love God’s Word. And I want to see it properly applied – so it can set us free!

The Church is a victorious overcomer, and we are called, brothers and sisters, not to continue in bondage, but to continually walk into the light that will set us free.

Will you walk with me?






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