Three Ways Being Married to Jesus is Different from Being Married to Any Other Man … And One Way it’s the Same.

International Day of Peace concept: the hand of God's helpJesus is my only husband now. This is not some pretty cliché. It’s real.

He’s stood by me through all this mess and He’s right here with me now.

And now that it’s just him and me, I want to pursue my relationship with him more than ever before.

Here are some things Jesus has been showing me about what it means to be married to him …



Three Ways Being Married to Jesus is Different from Being Married to Any Other Man …


1. I have to learn to love myself. Jesus wants his bride to be well taken care of. He wants her to love herself. Jesus wants to lift his bride up and he wants her to receive that.

I thought I loved myself before, but God has shown me I still have some logs in my eye in that area. He’s helping me remove those, and teaching me to truly love and accept – and even celebrate – myself just the way I am. Because that’s the way he wants his bride treated.


2. I’m the one with intimacy anorexia. It’s typical for the wife to be the better communicator in the marriage. She’s usually better at understanding and sharing her own feelings, and she’s often better at listening to and understanding her partner.

We hear a lot about men with intimacy anorexia – which means he has trouble opening up and sharing his heart. Maybe he doesn’t know his own heart. He may have trouble listening to his wife share her feelings too.

Well, Jesus isn’t like that at all! In fact, compared to him, I’m the one with intimacy anorexia! He wants me to talk to him all the time. He wants me to look deep into his eyes and tell him all that’s on my heart – even though he already knows!

He calls to me all day long to open up to him – to stop what I’m doing for just one moment – or even to talk to him while I’m doing whatever it is.

But what is my first instinct when I hear that call? Usually, I suddenly remember something else I’m supposed to be doing – or if I don’t have that excuse, it’s to call a friend to talk about it, get a snack, google that thought, or talk to myself about it. I’m not consciously trying to avoid intimacy with the one who made me, but yet, that’s what I’m doing.

Or I think to myself “I should really pray about that,” and imagine that I will have a long talk with Jesus about it at some other, more perfect, time and location. Kind of like the man who says, “Yeah, we’ll talk about that honey, just not right now. We’ll talk about it when we have time to sit down and really discuss it.” But the perfect time never comes.

I’ve been in a marriage with a man who hid his heart from me.

But now that Jesus is my only husband, suddenly I’m the one with the intimacy problem. I’m the one being challenged to open up more …

… And to listen more.

Jesus wants to share his heart with me too. He wants to tell me deep and unsearchable things I do not know. But I need to call him first (Jeremiah 33:3). Just like calling an earthly partner to see what’s on their mind and heart, except instead of picking up my phone, I need to open my Bible. And then I need to be ready to listen.


3. He never lies. He never cheats. He never abuses.



And One Way Being Married to Jesus is the Same as Being Married to Any Other Man …


1. It’s Real. Jesus really is my husband. It’s not just some platitude. My relationship with him is as real as any human relationship I’ve ever had. In fact, more real – see #3 above.





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