Counseling Lie Exposed: Paul was NOT a Sex Addict.

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“You know, everyone carries around secrets like this,” the Christian Counselor enlightened me … “And, you know, pretty much all men do this.”

“Jesus didn’t.”

She actually brightened, “Oh, but Paul [The Apostle] did!”


“Yes, don’t you know, Paul was probably a sex addict.”


“Yes, he said he had a thorn in his side. That probably means he was a sex addict.”

“You can’t draw such a wild conclusion from that one vague statement. The thorn in his side could have been anything.”

Now she smiled knowingly, “Sure, but you never know, it could have been that he was a sex addict.”

Well, at this point she got an earful from me.

You see, Paul said more than once that all believers should imitate him (1 Cor. 11:1;1 Cor 4:13). When he said this, he was writing scripture – so this is part of the Word of God. We know that God does not tempt anyone to sin (James 1:13), so to say that Paul was living as a sex addict while telling all Christians to follow him, is to malign God’s Word.

Paul also said, in scripture, that his way of life agrees with everything he teaches (1 Cor. 4:14). Paul taught extensively against all forms of sexual immorality. So, if you believe that all scripture is the inspired Word of God, you cannot also believe that Paul was a sex addict.

Further, there is absolutely no evidence, or even conjure, from any reliable source, whether Biblical or historical, that even suggests that Paul engaged in any hint of sexual immorality. Not even unbelievers have made this accusation.

Yet, so far in my recovery, I have been told this lie by two people who are in the counseling profession, both claiming to be Christians.

And both used the lie as another way to tell me, “What happened to you is no big deal. Everyone does it. Get with the program and cover it up.”

And her response after I explained all this to her?

“Well, I can’t argue with you about the Bible.”

So, I can only conclude that she still plans to try to pull this one over on other hurting, Christian women in their most vulnerable moment.

Have you heard this lie or others like it from someone trying to ‘help’ you in your recovery? Or has someone told you something about the Bible that you are not sure is true?

Please share in the comments. Let’s expose the lies and let the truth shine!




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