Welcome, friend. I invite you to walk with me on a journey of healing.

Whether you are a wounded spouse or just a wounded human being, I believe we have similar goals of wanting to see ourselves restored. Especially in the harder places of life, we need each other. But even more so, we need God’s redemptive power.

I am honored that you are here, and I hope we can walk with each other through this journey.

Pull up a chair with me, share your comments, and we’ll encourage each other.

My blog is about walking together through some tough issues – and coming out stronger for it!

Wondering where to go from here?

Are you a wounded spouse (or looking to walk beside a friend who is)?

I recommend starting with these posts:

Adultery is Rape

Did God make this Happen?

The Truman Show: How it feels to Discover your Spouse is Cheating

Do you want to know more about me and why I write?

My post, Adultery is Rape, tells of the traumatic experience that prompted me to begin this blog.

My very first post, Breaking the Chains will give you a taste of my life before that traumatic experience, and my goals for this blog.

Finally, this post, is an update of how my story has unfolded since those first posts.

Just stopping by?

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